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Stanley Fatmax 16' Auto Lock

Stanley Fatmax 16' Auto Lock

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It's innovation you can measure. The new STANLEY® Auto-lock Tape Measure is the first auto-locking tape with 11' blade standout. The auto-lock mechanism holds the blade secure until you are ready to release it, and a detachable framing hook is ready to grab studs when you need it. When it comes to increasing your productivity, let FATMAX® ®® give you a hand.

Features & Benefits

  • Auto-lock mode for control and long blade life
  • Manual mode for the ability to disengage lock for speed marking
  • Detachable hook allows users to work efficiently in different conditions
  • 11' blade standout* for reach and efficiency
  • BladeArmor® coating for 10X** blade life
  • Hook storage securely stores hook when not in use