"Size: 26"" H x 40"" W x 0.75"" D"

Graffiti Wall III' Painting Print on Canvas


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"Size: 26"" H x 40"" W x 0.75"" D"

Whether you don’t know too much about abstract art, or you create your own Pollack-inspired masterpieces, this eye-catching painting print on canvas is a perfect pick for your home. Beautiful and eye-catching, it will pull you in and elevate your ensemble. An ideal accent for modern aesthetics, it showcases an abstract motif with large brushstrokes in tones of blue, yellow, black, and white. Try hanging it in your entryway to impress first time visitors with chic style. To build on the contemporary display, set a glossy white console table under your new painting, then top the table with a stack of glossy art books, a potted orchid, and a minimalist clock.
Includes hanging accessories
Artist: Silvia Vassileva
Made with 100% cotton canvas
100% Anti-shrink pine wood bars and Epson anti-fade ultra chrome inks
100% Handmade and inspected in the USA
Made in the USA
Silvia Vassileva collection